A Copy of the Formal Greeting from Managing Director, IFWG Publishing (R.A. Knowlton)

My name is R.A. Knowlton.  I am an award winning published author and co-founder of IFWG-Publishing.  I am in my mid-forties and I have over 26 years in corporate management experience.

I live in the Mid-West U.S.A., but I am from the state of Maine.

In the process of building my writing career I learned a lot about the publishing industry, most not good.  The truth is that many good authors go unpublished and many bad authors are published.  The reason for this is simple.  Traditional publishers are limited in the amount of authors they can sign, and PODs have no standards.  Thus when authors who have written fine quality works are turned down by traditional publishers, many of them give up.

On the other hand, since the typical POD will publish any piece of worthless crap for a buck, the retailers will not put any book produced by them on the shelf.  This is the basic reason this company was conceived in the first place. Imagine it, a combination of both sides of the industry.  A company that has the strict standards of a traditional publisher, but that has the ability to publish every GOOD author like a POD. 

When I first thought about this I did not think it was possible.  That was until one day when I wrote a letter to Ingram explaining my feelings about the publishing industry and for some reason they replied to me – and I began to see a way.

With a little incentive and a direction to go in I began to expand on this idea with the help of my four partners in this business. 

We are truly international in scope.  My wife and I live in the U.S.A.  Our Media Director, Warren Goodman, lives in New Jersey, U.S.A. Our Customer Service Director, Esme Carpenter , lives in the UK, and Our Chief Editor, Gerry Huntman, lives in Australia. 

How this happened.   We began to talk about what we personally would like to see in a publishing company.  Our perspectives as writers are invaluable in this venture.  Writers who have either been turned down by traditional publishers and agents or have been burned by PODs.  We started with one simple premise: demand quality and at the same time make it possible for every author to fulfill their dreams. 

To do this, we have set up a twofold process.   Let’s say an author comes to us with a great story, but it has some bumps that would normally cause a rejection from a traditional publisher, and that the other PODs would simply publish and the author is stuck with a book that will not sell.   What we offer is a process by which that book can move from good and not publishable to great and marketable. 

Am I for real on this? 

Yes I am.  I can even prove it.  When I wrote my novel KnorraSky the Deception, I was in too much a hurry to get it published to wait for a traditional publisher to make up their mind, so I went POD.   Now it did win an award in the 2009 Indie Awards, but the book had problems.  Grammar and punctuation and a few missing words here and there. Standard for most manuscripts.

When I decided to rerelease it through IFWG-Publishing, I was kindly flagged by our Chief Editor, my very good friend Gerry.  He called to my mind our standards and how even my book needed a good polishing.  And so it did.  It is now in that process by one of our very qualifies editors.

So if my Chief Editor is going to stop me from publishing a book that is not ready, you can be assured that he will make sure your book is not only publishable but also marketable.   Really, what good is it to publish a book that you cannot sell? 

You know the old saying, "it’s a million seller.  Ya I have a million in the cellar". 

Here at IFWG-Publishing, we do not want you to be stuck with a book that has no possibility of selling.  For that reason we have set strict standards for publishing, but also we have put in place the tools that you may need to make your dream come true. 

After the book is published we do not simply drop you like the PODs.   We assist you in your marketing efforts.  If your story is of a nature for a certain venue, we will contact the needed people and negotiate for you. 

Try to find this in any other POD! 

We will endeavor to set up book signings for you.  We cannot guarantee it though, since book signings are hard to get.  But we will make every effort to make this happen.   And even beyond that we are working behind the scenes in many ways to promote our authors. 

So, if you are fed up with the standard cookie cutter POD, and the traditional publishers won’t give you the time of day, come on over to the “Shining Knight in the Dark World of the Publishing Industry", IFWG Publishing.

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