Bibliography with Covers

The following is a comprehensive bibliography of my published work (accepted submissions will not be listed until actually published). It is in descending date order (mostly).

Dead Mans Tome-March to the Grave Cover
They Can Never Find Out (war horror/reprint) Deadman’s Tome: March to the Grave, May/June 2017

The Girl Who Floated to Heaven (scifi/horror/contemporary) Disturbed Digest #16, Alban Lake (Mar 2017)

Roland’s Merry Christmas (flash fiction, horror) Hell’s Bells anthology, Australian Horror Writers Association (Dec 2016)

Derelict (horror) Inner Sins Summer 2016 ezine (October 2016)

Old Bones, Young Bones (psychological horror) The Refuge Collection Vol 6 and The Refuge Colleciton stand alone ebook (Sept 2016)

Gerald’s Memory House (weird urban fantasy) The Refuge Collection Vol 5 and The Refuge Collection stand alone ebook (July 2016)

An Incident at Prnjavor (historical military horror) The Worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror (Jan 2016)

Sword and Sorcery Mag
Harsh Is The Light (heroic fantasy/detective) Sword and Sorcery Magazine #42 (July 2015)

Snatching the Lute (heroic fantasy) Bards and Sages Quarterly VII, III (July 2015)

Of the Color Turmeric, Climbing on Fingertips (horror) Night Terrors III, Blood Bound Books, 2014

The Cutpurse From Mulberry Bend (weird western) The Best of Penny Dread Tales, Wordfire Press, 2014 (reprint)

The Past Catching Up (weird western) Badlands, Dead Guns Press 2014

SUBTROPICAL-SUSPENSE - front cover - medium
The Deluge (paranormal thriller) Black Beacon’s Subtropical Suspense (ed Cameron Trost) Black Beacon Books 2014

Cover PDT4
The Curious Case of the Frozen Revenant (weird western/steampunk) Penny Dread Tales IV (ed Christopher Ficco) Runewright 2014 (Reprint)

what lies beneath
The Sea Witch (horror) What Lies Beneath anthology (ed. Dorothy Davies) Thirteen Press, 2014 AND
Darkness In The Mountain Of Light (dark epic fantasy) (same anthology)

Celebration Station Logo small
Crazy Mike McCloud (weird western) Railroad! Celebration Station Day 17 (18 March 2014)

Sword and Sorcery Mag
Husks (heroic fantasy/detective) Sword and Sorcery Magazine #25 (February 2014)

Enryk’s Trouble (heroic fantasy) Frost Fire Worlds #3 (February 2014)

contrary cats cover
Pretty Kitty (ghost story) Contrary Cats anthology (Indigo Mosaic, December 2013)

Frost Fire Worlds Issue 2 Cover
The Wooden Tomb (dark children’s fantasy) Frost Fire Worlds #2 (November 2013)

Hills (flash horror) AntipodeanSF 185 (November 2013), Nov 2013

Bleed cover - the lucky mouth
The Lucky Mouth (Lovecraftian Horror) BLEED charity anthology, Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, August 2013

cover Aurealis 63
The Pillar of the Small God (Science Fiction) Aurealis Magazine, August 2013

dark bard thumbnail cover
In Arcadia (Horror/Ghost) The Dark Bard anthology, Indigo Mosaic, 2013

PD3 cover
The Cutpurse From Mulberry Bend (Steampunk) Penny Dread Tales Volume III: In Darkness Clockwork Shine, Runewright, 2013

Alien Sky Cover_
Whistle In The Wind (Historical Science Fiction) Alien Sky anthology, Another Sky Press, 2013

The Curious Case of the Frozen Revenant (Weird Western/Steampunk novelette) Railroad!: Celebration Station! Days 8, 9, and 10 (February 2013)

Cover Lovecraft eZine issue 21
Dom and Gio’s Barber Shop (Lovecraftian Horror) The Lovecraft eZine Issue 21, 22 January 2013

Stupefying Stories 1.11 cover
Blue Stripped (Science Fiction, Dystopian) Stupefying Stories 1.11, 1 December 2012

doctor fantastiques
My Best Friend Julian (Steampunk) Doctor Fantastique’s Show of Wonders, 12 November 2012 (reprint)

Aurora Wolf Cover
Legacy (Heroic Fantasy) Aurora Wolf Volume 3 Issue 10, 28 September 2012

Blood and Lullabies 3 - Submerged
Submerged (Heroic Fantasy, YA) Blood and Lullabies Issue 3, 20 September 2012

Halo In The Sky (Steampunk) SQ Mag Edition 4, 1 September 2012

Whatever Happens, Happens (Psychological Horror) Tales of Terror and Mayhem From Deep Within The Box (anthology) August 2012

Ticon4 Logo
Ginger Fred, The Pavement Artist (Contemporary Dark Fantasy) Ticon4 23 July 2012

The Weight Of Sin (Supernatural Horror) Blood Moon Rising Magazine (Issue 49) 9 July 2012

Fred Has A Productive Day (Science Fiction flash fiction) Battlespace: Military Science Fiction Anthology (Volume 1), 7 July 2012

A Far Away Place - Kids Magination Cover
A Far Away Place (Children’s Fantasy). Kid’s ‘Magination Issue 11, 21 May 2012 (reprint)

My Animus (Horror flash fiction). Silverthorn Press eZine, March 2012

Penny Dread II Cover - creation's flaw
Creation’s Flaw (Steampunk), Penny Dread Tales: Volume Two: A Phantasmagorical Calliope of Clockwork and Steam, Runewright, March 2011.

They Can Never Find Out (Horror) Dark Dispatches anthology, Static Movement, March 2011 AND
Raindrops In His Eyes (Fantasy) (same anthology)

for the oceans cover - david rorshacks dream come true
David Rorshach’s Dream Comes True (Science Fiction) For The Oceans benefit anthology, Sonar4, Nov 2011 (reprint) (out of print)

Flamingo and Pink (Post Apocalyptic) Static Movement: After The End, Oct 2011

Special (Scifi) (Pieces of Eight: Autism Acceptance, Flying Island Press – Autism Awareness benefit, Sept 2011)

The Prey (Horror) (Static Movement: Beyond the Grave, Sept 2011)

The Other Side (Scifi) (The Fringe Magazine, 1 Sept 2011)

The Wyrm’s Footprint (Fantasy)) (Angie’s Diary, 12 July 2011)

Penny Dread Tales I Cover
The Bond (Steampunk)  Penny Dread Tales: Gears, Coils, Aether & Steam (Volume 1), Runewright (April 2011)

The Lucky Mouth (Horror – Mythos) Anthology of Ichor III: Gears of Damnation, by Unearthed Press. April 2011)

She Has Been Here (Historical Fantasy) The Fringe Magazine. (April 2011)

A Far Away Place (Children’s Fantasy) Beyond Centauri Issue 31 (January 2011)

My Best Friend Julian (Steampunk) Anthology of Steampunk (Sonar4, Nov 2010). Out of Print

The Golden Casket (Heroic Fantasy) SQ Magazine Edition 1 (IFWG Publishing, Summer 2010)

Three Destinies (Fantasy) Planet Magazine Sept 2010
Last (Science Fiction) Planet Magazine Sept 2010

David Rorshack’s Dream Comes True (unexpergated) (Science Fiction) Silverthorn Press eZine (May 2010)

Mariposa (Contemporary Fantasy) Page Dancers anthology (IFWG Publishing, Jan 2010) Out of Print
The Sea Witch (horror) Page Dancers anthology (IFWG Publishing, Jan 2010) Out of PrintSaveSaveSaveSave