Book Review: Riding the Centipede by John Claude Smith

NB. I was provided a copy of this book from the author as a result of a long standing friendship. He didn’t solicit a review.

I’ve read pretty much everything by Smith and for a good reason – he has a unique voice in the dark fiction writing world, and it is very effective. This is his first novel, and certainly one of the things I was looking for when reading it was the transition from short ficiton to substantial length pieces, particularly in terms of theme and style. When completing Riding the Centipede I was not disappointed – it has Smith’s style all over it and then some. It is an excellent work and deserved shortlisting in last year’s Stoker Awards.

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Market News: ‘Gerald’s Memory-House’ to be published in The Refuge Collection

Very pleased to have my weird dark short story, 'The Memory-House' accepted by The Refuge Collection (ed. S Dillon). Aside from proceeds going to a great cause, it is a privilege to be added to an amazing collection of great authors who have already contributed.

Details on the project can be found here.

Market News: ‘The Past Catching Up’ published in Badlands anthology

I have a good track record with Westerns, be they horror, weird, steampunk, or a strange fusion of two or three. In this case I am pleased to have a weird/horror piece, 'The Past Catching Up'. in Dead Guns Press' anthology, Badlands. It is available in print at the moment, and presumably ebook soon. Come on over and read a quality Western Horror book, by a very good specialist independent publisher.

Badlands Cover

Market News: short story, Crazy Mike McCloud to be published in Railroad! Celebration Station 2014

Very pleased to work with Tonia Brown and her long-lived Railroad! serial/series. Since last year she has an interlude and looks to put artistic work out in her blog site for each of 31 days. I had a 3 part serial novelette last year, and this year she has accepted my Weird Western piece, Crazy Mike McCloud, which is a bit of a fairytale put on its head. Say no more. It will be published soon, so stay tuned!