News: Guardian of the Sky Realms now available as trade paperback

Pleased to see my new novel now available as trade paperback. It will be available soon through all good online stores, worldwide.

Click here to go to my title site, which outlines where you can currently purchase it, including my special, limited-time offer for a signed copy.

Also, my publisher has a giveaway offer through Goodreads, running until 18 January 2015.


News: Guardian of the Sky Realms

I'm very pleased to announce that Guardian of the Sky Realms is now published (ebook – print coming in a week or so), and I have a deal for readers to receive signed print copies.


eBook Published. Now available through Amazon (Kindle).

I have opened a new blog site devoted to Guardian of the Sky Realms.

In this site, I have announced the fantastic chance to get a signed edition of Guardian of the Sky Realms, direct from me. Support authors and small presses!

I am very excited by these recent events, and I look forward to my formal release, and my planned signing of copies for readers at the next Melbourne Supanova.

Market News: Cover Reveal for Guardian of the Sky Realms

I can't tell you how happy I am. My 'all ages' novel, Guardian of the Sky Realms, is going to be published by Cohesion Press, a great independent publishing house based in Australia, and it will be released exactly the way I wanted it to. Australian English, quality editing, quality internal block and cover.

Yes, the cover. High quality and symbolically representative of many elements of the novel – the Sky Realms, the barren lands below, and the idyllic, transformed state that Maree will find herself in. It appropriately leaves bits out.

Thanks to Cohesion Press (Geoff Brown), and the amazing talent of professional digital artist, Dean Samed, who created the cover.

Enjoy, and stay tuned for the third quarter 2014 for the release of Guardian of the Sky Realms.


News: Publishing Deal with Cohesion Press

I am excited to announce that my juvenile (to adult) novel, Guardian of the Sky Realms, will be published by Cohesion Press, a relatively new Australian independent publisher. I know the outfit and they are perfect for the job – professional, transparent processes, quality production. Given this positive turn of events, the release day (and the official release) is a bit up in the air.

Stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks.

Review of Guardian of the Sky Realms by Bram Stoker Award nominee, Charles Day

Charles Day, someone who I respect a great deal, has nice things to say about my debut novel (Guardian of the Sky Realms):

GUARDIANS was a pleasure to read. Truly enjoyed the imaginative world author, Gerry Huntman created in his debut novel. If you're looking for a great fantasy full of wonderful characters this is the book for you.

Cheers, Charles!