latest on Guardians of the Sky Realms

It would appear that it will be first cab off the rank for IFWG Publishing’s publish queue for November – so very soon indeed. The reason why is because I have entered it in the Aurealis Awards for 2010 (Young Adult Novel category) and I have to get copies of the ARCs to the three judges before 31 December 2010. Not a lot of time when these ARCs get printed in the US. What is amazing is (and it is a coincidence, believe me) is that the three judges are all located in Melbourne, my home city.

Novel nearing publication

At last – Guardian of the Sky Realms is nearing completion. I am happy with the cover – it contains the painting that inspired me to write the story, and it has a wonderful frame with wings as engraved decoration at its corners. A beautiful blue sky is in the background. Simple, but effective. Thanks Randy 🙂

Here is the latest draft of the front cover:

Cover of Guardian of the Sky Realms by Gerry Huntman (IFWG Publishing, 2010)

My bio page with draft of the blurb:

Click Here for the prologue and first 3 chapters

Penina Gal is the artist of the painting.

I am, in Australian terms, a happy little vegemite.

Two Weeks

In two weeks Jen, Erin and I will go for a short break to the Fiji islands and the Gold Coast in Queensland. Needed beyond belief.

In the meantime, winding up my current assignment at my day job, and also furiously trying to complete editing Linda Penhall’s wonderful book, They Never Gave Up. We really want to publish it in October, so the completion of the editing and proofing is critical. Of course, I continue to do my own writing, and looking closely at what I do with The Scepter and the Orb.

Finally, looking forward to what IFWG Publishing comes up with for my novel’s cover. It has to be good, and feature prominently Penina’s artwork that I acquired.

A busy two weeks.

Writing/Publishing Update: Wings to Success

I finalized with Penina the contract for her painting Wings, which was the inspiration of my new novel, Guardian of the Sky Realms. She will sign in the next few days, and once the niceties are over, I will be able to use the painting for my novel’s cover. Brilliant! Thank you very much Penina for your kind assistance.

The proofing of Guardian will be completed this weekend. All that will be left is the block formatting with InDesign. My novel was planned to be published in October – still on track, and perhaps can even be released earlier.

I have some commitments in the publishing game, but once the pressure is a little over, I look very much forward to returning to my first novel, The Scepter and the Orb, and think long and hard what I want to do with it. I love it and it is the introductory book to a vast world I created (Evyntyde). The real area of interest is whether I split it or not, to make the production more economically viable. I think it is likely I will go that way. I think, because I have learned much over the last year or so, that I may also do a serious revision. Oh well.

I have four short stories to go, set in the world of Evyntyde, which will complete my anthology. This is likely to be my second Title that will come out, both courtesy of IFWG Publishing.

My second Evyntyde novel, Crystal Peak, will have to wait a while. A bit of a shame, since it is two-thirds completed.

Regarding publishing, I recently finished editing and proofing Biola Olatunde‘s wonderful adventure novel, Blood Contract. This should be come out next month – I look forward to it. Another edit job I did – The Devil Came East (crime thriller) by Geri Fitzsimmons and Andy Stephenson, was held back from publishing a few months to allow synchronization with some marketing activity. I think it will also be published next month – and I have a very good feeling about that one. It is so very good in its genre. I also have had some luck getting Paul Goat Allen to review it (shortly). My next edit job is an inspirational novel, by Linda Lenehan, called They Never Gave Up. I look forward to that job.

All in all, a pretty busy time for me. (I love it).


Great Result

The painting, Wings, by Penina Gal, was the original inspiration for my YA Novel, Guardian of the sky Realms. Well guess what – the artist has agreed to allow me to purchase rights to have it used as the cover of my novel. Incredible result – not only is it (obviously) highly pertinent to my novel, but it now has a very powerful connection to it as well.

I am expecting, based on how close to finalised all this is, that the novel will be out in October. Very excited indeed.

You can find the painting on her website (look for the purple coloured thumbnail, called Wings).


Young Adult novel to be published

It took eighteen months longer than planned, but I have completed my Young Adult novel, Guardian of the Sky Realms.This story has an amazing origin, starting off as a short story inspired by a painting, and now it is a polished novel of 62k in length.

It only needs final proofing and a cover – I have been in touch with the artist who painted Wings in the past, and I am now trying to negotiate the use of her painting as my cover. It is only fitting, and it will look spectacular.

Well, I am guessing this will be published in October. Wish me luck!