Market News: Young Adult fantasy story, Enryk’s Strife, accepted for Frost Fire Worlds.

It seems Frost Fire Worlds like me, as this is my second sale to them. My fantasy piece, and Evyntyde story called 'Enryk's Strife' (harkening back to the Cockney Rhyme, 'trouble and strife', will be published in the February 2014 edition. While a classic heroic fantasy piece on the surface, it has to say something about gender roles.

History Repeats Itself, part 2

This comment follows directly from my previous entry.

I decided to outline my plot over the next month or two. Because the novel (working title, The Comfort of Beanbags) will be a YA novel, I think, it is likely to be smallish. Maybe around 40 to 60k. I think I can write it pretty rapidly.

More work, but hey, we writers are masochistic.

latest on Guardians of the Sky Realms

It would appear that it will be first cab off the rank for IFWG Publishing’s publish queue for November – so very soon indeed. The reason why is because I have entered it in the Aurealis Awards for 2010 (Young Adult Novel category) and I have to get copies of the ARCs to the three judges before 31 December 2010. Not a lot of time when these ARCs get printed in the US. What is amazing is (and it is a coincidence, believe me) is that the three judges are all located in Melbourne, my home city.

Young Adult novel to be published

It took eighteen months longer than planned, but I have completed my Young Adult novel, Guardian of the Sky Realms.This story has an amazing origin, starting off as a short story inspired by a painting, and now it is a polished novel of 62k in length.

It only needs final proofing and a cover – I have been in touch with the artist who painted Wings in the past, and I am now trying to negotiate the use of her painting as my cover. It is only fitting, and it will look spectacular.

Well, I am guessing this will be published in October. Wish me luck!