Good Break

Had a great week in Fiji as well as a restful five days in the Gold Coast (southern Queensland, Australia). The Fiji wing was much better than expected as it was idyllic, the weather was perfect, and the resort was uber-family friendly (Erin was assigned a nanny from 8am to 9pm each day – which we didn’t fully utilize of course). The journey there was interesting, as was the return journey – another story to tell.

Tomorrow we fly to Melbourne, take another day off, and I am off back to work on Friday. I can honestly say that I couldn’t have recharged my batteries better in a fortnight break.

Oh, and I wrote two short stories that I’m very happy with.

Two Weeks

In two weeks Jen, Erin and I will go for a short break to the Fiji islands and the Gold Coast in Queensland. Needed beyond belief.

In the meantime, winding up my current assignment at my day job, and also furiously trying to complete editing Linda Penhall’s wonderful book, They Never Gave Up. We really want to publish it in October, so the completion of the editing and proofing is critical. Of course, I continue to do my own writing, and looking closely at what I do with The Scepter and the Orb.

Finally, looking forward to what IFWG Publishing comes up with for my novel’s cover. It has to be good, and feature prominently Penina’s artwork that I acquired.

A busy two weeks.

Dr Eisenmajer

OK, not big on plugging people, even generally. However, re my previous post, I have to say this guy is great. I saw his introductory dvd and I am won.

Let me explain. Throughout the 3 odd years that my wife and I have dealt with our daughter’s condition, it has always been, in many ways, uncertain, and certainly unscientific. Initially it was a case of "development delay" with the possibility of low spectrum autism. Then it was likely to be "autism", and finally, last year, it was diagnosed formally. "Asperger’s Syndrome" is a name used to keep clear of the baggage that goes with autism. The trouble was, for Jen and me, that the extent of her condition, and the prognosis, was never clear, and despite having a terrific group of people helping with early intervention — all helpful to one degree or another — we are still in the dark on the myriad of little things we need to fine tune our ability to help the little darling, and no-one to give us definitive answers.

Then we saw the dvd. This guy described to a tee the symptoms of what our daughter had, and talked about the way autistic people think. Gave us strategies. It was a major help for us.

Major Milestone

March 2010 seems a good month for me (perhaps it immediately follows my birthday).

We decided to live in Melbourne a few months back, and it appears work is starting to settle into an arrangement with me so that there is more security. This is obviously good.

It looks like 3 novels will be published this month by IFWG Publishing, and all three were edited by me. This was a gigantic task, and it ate heavily into my private time as well as my own creativity.

Creatively, I have never felt better. My capabilities have improved and I believe I can take on anything. This is wonderful for my self-esteem.

Erin has mild autism, but the services to help her move into mainstream development are lining up now – the major reason for staying in Melbourne, by the way.

All is good!