Market News: The Place Where Two Eagles Meet to be published in CEA Greatest Anthology

Quite excited to have my mashup alt-hist/steampunk/dark fantasy short story, The Place Where Two Eagles Meet, accepted for the CEA Greatest Anthology project, by Celenic Earth Publications, and contributing to an attempt at the Guiness World Record for the largest anthology ever published.

Market News: The Cutpurse From Mulberry Bend now published in The Best of Penny Dread Tales

Pleased to announce that 'The Cutpurse From Mulberry Bend' is now published in The Best of Penny Dread Tales, by Wordfire Press. This is a rather sad, Weird Western Steampunk tale, originally publishing in Penny Dread Tales: Volume III: In Darkness Clockwork Shine (back in March 2013). I have been fortunate to contribute to all 4 volumes of Penny Dread Tales, so it was interesting to see which of the 4 tales I wrote was considered the best (and chuffed to be picked at all).

cover of PDT Best of 1
It has just been formally released, and is available in all good online stores, in ebook and print formats – here's just one, at Amazon.


Market News: The Cutpurse From Mulberry Bend to be published in The Best of Penny Dread Tales

I am chuffed to have my steampunk piece, 'The Cutpurse From Mulberry Bend' – which was first published in Penny Dread Tales III: In Darkness Clockwork Shine – accepted for The Best of Penny Dread Tales. This anthology grabs the best steampunk stories from four volumes of Penny Dread Tales, which is a nice compliment. I believe this new anthology will be released in a few months, and will be published by Wordfire Press, via Runewright, and edited by Christopher Ficco.

Market News: Cover Reveal for Penny Dread Tales IV

Pleased to see a print home for my reprint novelette, 'The Curious Case of the Frozen Revenant', in the soon-to-be published anthology, Penny Dread Tales Volume IV: Perfidious and Paranormal Punkery of Steam (Runewright, ed Christopher Ficco). I've long had a long association with the publisher, and have been fortunate to have a short story or novelette published in each of the Penny Dread Tales anthologies. I expect the title to be released in coming weeks.

Cover PDT4

Market News: novelette, ‘The Strange Case of the Frozen Revenant’ in Penny Dread Tales IV anthology

Very pleased to have my steampunk western novelette, 'The Strange Case of the Frozen Revenant', accepted in Runewright's Penny Dread Tales IV. This means I have had a short piece of fiction published in every single volume, which is a good feeling. This novelette is a reprint – it was first published in 3 parts in Tonia Brown's Story Station interlude to her Railroad! serial. The work was a lot of fun to write as it isn't dark and has light moments – something very refreshing. And I think it's a pretty good story anyhow. Stay tuned on a publication date.

While I have your attention, I have had a short story accepted last night to an Australian anthology – more information when I'm allowed to divulge.

Market News: ‘The Cutpurse From Mulberry Bend’ published in Penny Dread Tales III

Very very pleased to have my dark steampunk tale, 'The Cutpurse From Mulberry Bend' published in Penny Dread Tales Volume III: In Darkness Clockwork Shine.

I have published in each volume, and intend to work hard to continue to contribute to following volumes, all expertly edited by Christopher Ficco. This was a fun project, like all previous exercises.

The editor has also chosen to revamp the covers of volumes 1 and 2, in order to create a consistent continuum of design for the series – a great move. I have presented all three below.

PD3 cover
The latest, Penny Dread Tales Volume III

Penny Dread II Cover - creation's flaw
Penny Dread Tales Volume II
containing my short, 'Creation's Flaw'

Penny Dread Tales I Cover
Penny Dread Tales Volume 1
containing my short, 'The Bond'

Market News: ‘The Curious Case of the Frozen Revenant’ (Railroad!: Celebration Station!)

Extremely pleased to have my weird western/steampunk novelette, published in Tonia Brown's Railroad! blog – a site that is used to publish her serialized steampunk series. She wanted to celebrate two years' effort, and my piece was accepted as a 3-parter in days 8 to 10 of February.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Market News: My Best Friend Julian

Very happy to share my steampunk story, My Best Friend Julian, in Doctor Fantastique's Show of Wonders. It was originally published in Anthology of Steampunk (ed Tonia Brown, Sonar4, 2010) but as the anthology was a limited edition, this gets my story out to a wider audience.

Market News: Halo In The Sky in SQ Mag

As I stated a short while ago, SQ Mag, who I have close association, wanted a steampunk story to add to a soft SP theme running in the 1 September 2012 issue, so I gladly obliged. After close consideration, the editor agreed to publishing it nine days after submission. This is my fourth steampunk story published, and there are two under consideration elsewhere in the market, so perhaps, one day, I will compile an anthology, or derive a novel from them – as most have some common threads.

Another pleasure about this publication, is that I am sharing the same edition with other excellent writers, including the luminaries Jay Lake and Gary McMahon.