Market News: ‘The Cutpurse From Mulberry Bend’ published in Penny Dread Tales III

Very very pleased to have my dark steampunk tale, 'The Cutpurse From Mulberry Bend' published in Penny Dread Tales Volume III: In Darkness Clockwork Shine.

I have published in each volume, and intend to work hard to continue to contribute to following volumes, all expertly edited by Christopher Ficco. This was a fun project, like all previous exercises.

The editor has also chosen to revamp the covers of volumes 1 and 2, in order to create a consistent continuum of design for the series – a great move. I have presented all three below.

PD3 cover
The latest, Penny Dread Tales Volume III

Penny Dread II Cover - creation's flaw
Penny Dread Tales Volume II
containing my short, 'Creation's Flaw'

Penny Dread Tales I Cover
Penny Dread Tales Volume 1
containing my short, 'The Bond'

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