New Story: Hime Gyaru

My Lovecraftian, very weird piece, titledĀ Hime Gyaru, will be published in The Asylum Diaries by Oscillate Wildly Press, in a few weeks. This was a story I enjoyed writing, oddly mixing a set of Japanese protagonists and antagonists, with a setting in Sydney, and most pertinently Bondi Beach. You’ve got to read it to make sense of it.

There’s an interesting connection I fabricated with this very adult short story and my upcoming reprint middle grade fantasy novel, Guardian of the Sky Realms (Meerkat Press, January 2020): the art gallery in the Rocks features in both!


Keep an eye out for it in coming days, buy it, and enjoy it – top writers and artists involved.

Market News: ‘The Lucky Mouth’, a Lovecraftian short story, to be published in Bleed

Happy to announce that my Lovecraftian short story, 'The Lucky Mouth', has been accepted for publication in Bleed, a children's charity anthology (although the story is hardly fit for a child). This is a reprint, and since it is one of my favourite pieces, I am glad to see it published again, and for such a worthy cause. More information as it come in.

Bleed cover - the lucky mouth