Quartet Press Dissolves

I found out via Twitter today that yesterday Quartet Press announced that it will no longer be operating. This was pretty sad news for me, for two reasons – firstly, they really had a great philosophy and they certainly were genuine – Angela James, for one, represented a very good editor in chief in the company. I don’t know the details of why they dissolved, but I believe it had to do with financial issues.

The second reason why I was sad was because I was developing a good relationship with the company and I wanted to be part of it, both in a creative sense, as well as potentially as an editor. Either way, it didn’t get the runs on the board. I believe in their philosophy that epublishing teams of quality will emerge and take advantage of a change in the profile of readers in the US, and most of the Western world. People with vision thrive, but not always with every venture. 

Good luck to those who were part of that fine company!

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