A Good Day

Yes, a very good day.

My short story, David Rorshach’s Dream Comes True, was published today in Silverthorn Press’ eZine. While I have had a few stories published before, this was satisfying as it is my first scifi story being recognised. While the zine is not huge in readership, I respect Silverthorn and its owner Corbin, immensely.

Another reason why I consider this a good day is because I actually had a coffee with one of IFWG’s authors – Paula Boer. Her novel will probably be published by us in a few months – a very nice travel adventure novel. She and her friend were great company and it was pleasant to actually be face to face with one of our authors, instead of the usual (and necessary) virtual form. I learned something from this experience – how important a role I play in ensuring that an author’s dreams come true. While cognisant of it, talking to someone in the intimacy of being face to face, highlights it. Humbling and something to be proud of.

Yes, a very good day.

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