Bloody Angioedema

It hit me again. I have had angioedema (chronic, impact type) for probably 20 years – and over the last year or so had a few nasty scraps with it. I win, and it means a drug regime that I will have to carry on with for the rest of my life. Fortunately, until recently, it was a case of just a lot of antihistamines.

I have had a bad throat infection for a while and antibiotics didn’t appear to do me much good, so when my breathing was struggling a bit, I got scared. Went to hospital last Sunday and lo and behold, it turns out that my lungs are fine, my heart it good, no cholesterol or blood-sugar level issues, and yes, I still have my myco-bacterial infection. But it turns out the infection and my angioedema have been playing silly-buggers with each other and that’s why the antibiotics didn’t work. In a nutshell, because I didn’t figure on angioedema playing a part, nor my GP, we were not hitting it the right way.

After two nights at Epworth Hospital in Richmond, Melbourne, I am on track again. Medication to get rid of angioedema symptoms and the infection, and more knowledge on how to stop this happening again.

Bloody Angioedema.


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