A few wins…

Alright folks, just bursting and needing to share good news. While not publishing short stories in Analog and Clarkesworld (yet) I scored a double hit with Planet Magazine – Three Destinies and also Last – fantasy and science fiction. They are both already published (once they made the decision, it was literally a few hours to publication – they can be found here: Three Destinies and Last.

Here is the breakdown of my attempts at getting published or obtaining awards since 1 January 2010:

                    Mags Anthologies Awards Agent/Publisher (novels)    Total
Rejected:    20             4                 1                        1                               26
Accepted:     5              2                 0                        0                                 7
In train:       8               0                5                        0                               13
Total:          33             6                6                         1                               46

Note that this does not include IFWG Publications (shouldn’t count – 3 short stories published and a YA Novel, but I do submit them for awards, which are reflected here).

I probably sound like a parrot, but I genuinely believe if you like writing short stories submit them to different markets, and try to get into the SFWA group. Get exposure. Same with awards. Don’t feel shy, you can only try. Use Ralan.com if you are into specfic, and http://www.duotrope.com for any genre.


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