Note on Forum Nazis

I don’t want to make this long.

Over the last few days Randy and I discovered that a particular forum site had a posting made asking if anyone knew of IFWG Publishing. Instead of someone perking up with knowledge, a few regulars skimmed our site and then spat out an amazing amount of shit. I can live with viewpoints consistent with facts, but this was unadulterated crap.

Here is the forum and thread, and our response: 

If our posting is removed, here is our blog treatment:

I wont go into the details of it, but it is important for those who are interested, what is my motivation.

Our business is a business, but we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t get a kick out of getting an author a few steps closer to their life’s ambition. it isn’t worth the hard work and (like the forum) the unwarranted criticism. The crap that came out wasn’t just misinformed (or worse) attacks on us, they were also attacks on our authors. Unbelievable stuff. Any upcoming writer wanting to know about us will look us up on Google and find their postings. Sheesh. Cowardly.

Rant over. I am not even going to visit the site anymore.

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