A precious story

One of my more precious stories, Halo In The Sky (a steampunk story), has finally been committed to a publisher – Hydra Publications. They had a steampunk anthology going but didn’t think my story was ‘steampunk enough’ – I know what they mean – I didn’t have the ‘classic’ steampunk elements in it, but they loved my story and wanted it to be in a science fiction anthology that will open for submissions in March next year, and then get published around October 2011. They don’t have a name for the anthology as yet. I umm’d and ahhh’d for a while, and after they categorically stated they will publish my story, I agreed today.

This was, to some extent, a hard decision. I don’t mind publishing my ‘lesser’ stories in almost any reputable publication, but my ‘precious’ stories – I count about half a dozen at this time (out of 39 that are ‘publishable’, or are published), I really want to publish with commensurately better publishers. Forgive me Hydra for saying it, but you guys aren’t ‘up there’, but on the other hand I thought that it was important to get my story out, and a commitment is a commitment – if I submit, I have to be willing to accept the offers. For what it’s worth, I think this will end up good, and I certainly will offer the story to the Aurealis Awards for 2011.

Well, this is my twelfth submission that has been accepted… it is worth celebrating.

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