Asia Pacific Copping It

I don’t normally write blogs on current affairs, but over recent weeks, perhaps months, I have been amazed, and affected by natural disaster in the Asia Pacific region.

Basically, at home (Australia) we had floods and cyclones of record-breaking proportions, with many billions of dollars of damage, and loss of human live.

Then our neighbour, New Zealand, had their horrific earthquake near Christchurch, that basically flattened large parts of their city and no doubt they are still finding the poor victims.

Finally (I hope) we had the earthquake and resulting tsunamis near Japan, and the damage and loss of life just eclipsed everything, and can perhaps only be compared to the 2004 tsunami further south.  

I know that this string of natural disasters is a coincidence, and if there is anything that ties them together, is a solemn acceptance that mother nature is powerful indeed. It doesn’t change the fact, however, that I feel that our region of the planet have copped a lot lately.

My heart goes out to all who were affected, and in particular those who lost love ones. The largest hunk of my heart goes to our neighbours in Japan.

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