Half Year Report: New Year’s Resolutions

Oh dear, the dreaded report card. Let’s see how I went:

  1. Be a more tolerant dad. My daughter has High Functioning Autism and, well, anyone who knows what I and my wife goes through, knows what I mean. Report: I think I can say I am making headroom here. It’s about education – the more I learn about the condition, and the more I interact with other families who have an ASD child/ren, the more I can adjust my own behaviors. I can say, a big part of this whole process is about the parent’s behavior, not the child’s.
  2. Be a great dad and husband. I hope this is the case – this is one my wife can only answer 🙂
  3. Lose weight. I have never been heavier, and so my goal for the year is to lose 20kgs. That’s a tough one. Very tough. No comment, which suggests I am doing badly. I have a big job ahead of me over the next 6 months 😦
  4. Read more. As a writer I need to read – one of the cornerstones of being good at the craft (target: 24 books) On track 🙂
  5. Outline Bitter Creek by December 2011 (or perhaps do much more). Not done, but still in schedule.
  6. Revise The Scepter and the Orb by September 2011 (first Evyntyde novel). Ditto
  7. Write 3 additional short stories and finalize/publish my Evyntyde anthology, Tales from the Chronicles of Evyntyde – by June 2011. Wrote 1, 2 to go. This tells me I have to pull my finger out.
  8. Complete first draft of my second Evyntyde novel, Crystal Peak. Not done, but in the schedule.
  9. Write at least 12 short stories in 2011. Ahead of schedule 🙂
  10. Qualify for membership of the SFWA. Always going to be difficult. Zero so far. We will see.
  11. Addendum – write and complete YA Dystopian novela, The Comfort of Beanbags. Stalled. Will have to work hard to get this going.

What can I say? The ones that really really mattered are on track, except weight loss, and I have some ambitious goals that still need hard work. I will report again September 1.

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