Biased Review: Constellation Station by Gary Alexander Azerier

I have had the privilege of being the editor of this fine work. It is an amazing labor of love. The story – a children's story, was written by Gary Alexander Azerier some time ago, and we discussed turning it into a children's book. It was clear that this needed to be illustration-rich, and eventually we acquired the services of an amazing illustrator by the name of Ioanny Dimov. This project started in November 2009 – it was not a short effort, nor should it have been.

The story has an interesting twist, but essentially it is about a boy who takes a ride in a super train that actually allows the
passengers to view many of the Northern Hemisphere's famous costellations. It is a phantasmagorical ride! The words are skillfully
crafted and doesn't 'talk down' to children – in fact, it edifies them. As I said above, the illustrations are magnificent.

If a parent wants to buy a book that is delightful in story, and enables a young one to appreciate astronomy, this is definitely for them.

5 joyful stars – watch out, this will win awards

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