Review: Whirl Wind by Jennifer R. Resetar (illust. John Powers)

This is a special book for me. It is targeted for children in the 8 to 10 age group (I think) and it covers two topics extremely well – school bullying and children with disabilities.

Jennifer R. Resetar has clearly got an intimate understanding of the topics and uses the theme of superheroism as the springboard to cover them. She does it well and it makes for a good story and provides lessons without actually teaching, thrusting it in one's face.. This was important for me.

John Powers is a caricaturist and his excellent skills with illustration supports Resetar's story very well. He chose a cartoon-like, naive style that perfectly matches the age group and style of prose. The cover extends this effect.

I sincerely believe that there isn't enough children's literature out there to help address attitudes and responses to the two key topics in this book. This work is sorely needed, and really should be picked up by schools and parents.

Five deserving stars.

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