Personal: Holiday Time

In the last leg of our holidays, we are staying in the Gold Coast (Broadbeach in fact), and we are a little over halfway through that. It has been enjoyable (aside from some sad news about one of our aunts), and Erin is having a ball. Not getting a lot of editing and writing done, but this is probably what the doctor ordered. We are absolutely tiring our little one out each day – she is practically a zombie, her panda eyes are half closed by bed time, but this is great for her, and for us. This is important to help her gross motor skills along, as well. Every day we swim in the pool (more than once on most days), and we always find something to do – shopping trips, White Water World, the movies, the beach, etc. Also, thankfully, while it is hot up here, it is ironically much worse down south where we live (not to mention bush fires).

All in all, looking forward to the last 5 days, prior to our return home.

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