Movie: Gravity

I saw Gravity today and was impressed on a number of levels. There were a few, small number of physics issues but that wasn't why I came to see the movie – I was hoping to get quality speculative entertainment in the survival theme of near-future/now scifi. I got it, and the escapism was breathtaking. Clooney was beautifully cast – he was cast as Clooney, and it worked very well. I was a bit reticent when I saw Bullock's name appear as principal protagonist, although not as much as some – I have seen her in serious roles and generally they have been performed well to excellently. To my delight, she was good, well integrated into the movie. I hope not too many people superimpose some sort of typecast layer over her when viewing the film.

The special effects were breathtaking, with a great deal of emphasis on the vistas of Earth-orbital space, as well as small, subtle things, like tear drops and curios/nicknacks floating in zero-G. However, the action sequences were also heroes of the special effects.

The plot was a good workhorse, extracting the survival theme to the maximum, and wasn't always predictable.

All in all, I enjoyed the film. I'd see it again. 4.5 stars from me.

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