Comfort #2

This continues an earlier discussion (thread really) regarding my story conception of The Comfort of Beanbags, which I originally wrote as a short story. Here is the earlier discussion.

In line with the most basic of writing tenets, I know that this story should not be longer than what is needed in the telling, and with more time spent conceptualising this story than any other, I believe it should be more like novella – perhaps (gut feeling) around 30k. I have come up with lots of ideas on world building, and I am happy how it has settled. Very happy. However, I have never had to take so much time coming to this final form.

Now to do it. 🙂


Back on track. The conceptualizing went well and back to writing The Comfort of Beanbags, although a bit tired today – 4th day of a 5 day training course, and super intensive.

I am pleased with the world building done – trying to extrapolate a future society with the key elements that changes the normal progress of human society. I like. Might throw in a WIP some time soon.

Off to the Gold Coast on Saturday – 6 days in warm weather, pool, beach etc. All good to recharge batteries and fantastic for our little one.

Minimal internet there – so don’t be surprised with a drop in social networking.