Great Result

The painting, Wings, by Penina Gal, was the original inspiration for my YA Novel, Guardian of the sky Realms. Well guess what – the artist has agreed to allow me to purchase rights to have it used as the cover of my novel. Incredible result – not only is it (obviously) highly pertinent to my novel, but it now has a very powerful connection to it as well.

I am expecting, based on how close to finalised all this is, that the novel will be out in October. Very excited indeed.

You can find the painting on her website (look for the purple coloured thumbnail, called Wings).


Major Milestone Achieved

This is worth a blog post. Just a few minutes ago I finished my YA Novel – finished the first draft (although a lot of it has had a lot of iterative editing treatment). This is critical for me as it allows me to submit it to the Text YA competition – I am giving it a big go.

Now I have about two weeks to give it the editing treatment it deserves.

Wish me luck friends!